Nicolas W. R. Lapointe

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Knowledge of the movement behaviour and dispersal ability of non-native species can aid in their management by informing risk assessments and the development of control strategies. To improve understanding of the seasonal movement and dispersal behaviour of Northern Snakehead (Channa argus), we implanted 49 fish in the Potomac River with radio tags and(More)
Observational studies of patterns of species invasions provide important insights into invasion processes at large spatial scales, leading to improved and focused efforts to prevent invasions. Nonnative species richness (NNSR), a common measure of ecosystem invasibility, varies widely among systems and is regulated by human activity and ecosystem(More)
Acoustic transmitters are widely used to obtain information on the spatial ecology of fish and other aquatic animals. Some transmitters contain pressure sensors to estimate depth, which are factory-calibrated before being sold and have a specified range of error. Our goal was to assess the accuracy of these pressure sensors and the factory calibrations to(More)
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