Nicolas Verzelen

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Inhomogeneous random graph models encompass many network models such as stochastic block models and latent position models. We consider the problem of statistical estimation of the matrix of connection probabilities based on the observations of the adjacency matrix of the network. Taking the stochastic block model as an approximation, we construct(More)
Applications on inference of biological networks have raised a strong interest in the problem of graph estimation in high-dimensional Gaussian graphical models. To handle this problem, we propose a two-stage procedure which first builds a family of candidate graphs from the data, and then selects one graph among this family according to a dedicated(More)
We study the non-parametric covariance estimation of a stationary Gaussian field X observed on a lattice. To tackle this issue, we have introduced a model selection procedure in a previous paper [Ver09]. This procedure amounts to selecting a neighborhood m̂ by a penalization method and estimating the covariance of X in the space of Gaussian Markov random(More)
Let (Y, (Xi)1≤i≤p) be a real zero mean Gaussian vector and V be a subset of {1, . . . , p}. Suppose we are given n i.i.d. replications of this vector. We propose a new test for testing that Y is independent of (Xi)i∈{1,...p}\V conditionally to (Xi)i∈V against the general alternative that it is not. This procedure does not depend on any prior information on(More)