Nicolas Varchon

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In two dimensions, we study the stability of the solution of an elliptic equation with Neumann boundary conditions for nonsmooth perturbations of the geometric domain. Using harmonic conjugates, we relate this problem to the shape stability of the solution of an elliptic equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions. As a particular case, we prove the(More)
We consider the problem of placing a Dirichlet region made by n small balls of given radius in a given domain subject to a force f in order to minimize the compliance of the configuration. Then we let n tend to infinity and look for the Γ−limit of suitably scaled functionals, in order to get informations on the asymptotical distribution of the centres of(More)
We consider an elliptic operator, in divergence form, that is a uniformly elliptic matrix. We describe the behavior of every sequence of domains which minimizes the first Dirichlet eigenvalue over a family of fixed measure domains of R . The existence of minimizers is proved in some particular situations, for example when the operator is periodic.
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