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BACKGROUND A new device was developed to perform intraoperative static pedography. The purpose of this study was to validate the introduced method by a comparison with the standard method for dynamic and static pedography. METHODS A device known as Kraftsimulator Intraoperative Pedographie (KIOP) was developed for intraoperative placement of standardized(More)
INTRODUCTION Proper rotational alignment is a critical step of total knee arthroplasty. For intraoperative determination of femoral rotation, Whiteside suggests a perpendicular line to the axis of the center of the trochlea and the intercondylar notch (Whiteside's line). METHOD In a prospective clinical study, the intraoperative position of Whiteside's(More)
INTRODUCTION The accuracy of preoperative planning of the size of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in literature is only 50%. A problem of conventional radiographic planning with prosthesis templates is varying enlargement of the radiographs. Digital planning and analysis of lower leg geometry revealed improved reliability compared to conventional techniques.(More)
According to results of trawl and oceanological surveys, the distribution and numbers of leptocephalic larvae of Japanese gissu Pterothrissus gissu in June–July 2010–2011 in temperate waters of the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean in connection with water circulation and distribution of thermohaline characteristics are considered. Larvae of Japanese(More)
Hemorrhage is frequently seen during the early phases of polytrauma management and intensive care treatment of the severely injured. Traumatic coagulopathy as well as the sometimes overlooked hyperfibrinolysis may lead to further complications. Therefore, transfusion of blood products and coagulation factors is often crucial. Jehova's Witnesses reject(More)
According to the data of trawl catches performed by the R/V “TINRO” in the upper epipelagic zone (0–50 m) of Pacific waters off the Kuril Islands from June 2 to July 8, 2012, the abundance of nekton was the lowest for the recent 9 years; thus, its density in 2012 (1.5 t/km2) was lower than the average value for the 2004–2012 period (2.40 ± 0.39 t/km2). The(More)
We present the case of a 62-year-old man with posttraumatic osteoarthritis after a tibial head fracture. A below-knee amputation of the same limb had been performed years ago because of a chronic diabetic foot ulcus. The patient underwent total knee replacement, and the 2-year postoperative clinical outcome was very good. The problem of how to address(More)
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