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BACKGROUND We report our experience with video-assisted mediastinoscopy. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed clinical records of all patients who underwent video-assisted mediastinoscopy in a 26-month period. Video-assisted mediastinoscopy was performed in the presence of enlarged lymph nodes (short axis > 1 cm) found at computed tomography scan. Data(More)
OBJECTIVE Mesothelial intrathoracic cysts are congenital lesions classically located in the anterior cardiophrenic angle (pleuro-pericardial cysts). Locations elsewhere in the thorax are infrequent. The aim of the study was to describe a 10-year, single-institution experience with endoscopic management of mesothelial cysts by video-assisted thoracoscopy(More)
QUESTION OF THE STUDY We studied whether prophylactic use of noninvasive pressure support ventilation (NIPSV) administered pre- and postoperatively may reduce the postoperative pulmonary function impairment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prospective randomized clinical trial. Thirty-nine patients with a preoperative FEV(1) <70% of the predicted value scheduled for(More)
Interest in biomarkers in the field of thoracic oncology is focused on the search for new robust tests for diagnosis (in particular for screening), prognosis and theragnosis. These biomarkers can be detected in tissues and/or cells, but also in biological fluids, mainly the blood. In this context, there is growing interest in the detection of circulating(More)
BACKGROUND This study seeks to evaluate results regarding the repair of diaphragmatic eventration using video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). METHODS We performed a prospective observational study including patients referred to us for surgical treatment of diaphragmatic eventration during a 12-year period. Clinical, radiologic, and functional data were(More)
BACKGROUND At present, laparoscopy is used mainly as a diagnostic tool in patients with abdominal stab wounds. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty-two hemodynamically stable patients with isolated stab wounds of the anterior abdomen, thought to be penetrating, were prospectively selected to undergo treatment via a laparoscopic approach. When possible, parenchymal(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Recurrence rates after surgery for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) range from 25 to 50% and 5-year survival is only 60-70%. Because no biomarkers are predictive of recurrence or the onset of metastasis, pathological TNM (pTNM) staging is currently the best prognostic factor. Consequently, the preoperative detection of circulating(More)
We report two cases of Morgagni hernia associated with pectus carinatum. This association is exceptional; only two other cases have been reported so far. In one of our patients, an abdominal surgical approach was used to repair the Morgagni hernia and to perform a Nissen-Rossetti procedure (for an associated endobrachyesophagus); the patient did not require(More)
Cervical mediastinoscopy is widely employed for biopsy of mediastinal lymph nodes and staging of lung cancer. The application of video-assisted technology to mediastinoscopy in a series of patients with lung cancer has not been reported. Preliminary experience with the use of video-mediastinoscopy in diagnosis and staging of lung cancer is presented.(More)