Nicolas Stroppa

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Basque is both a minority and a highly inflected language with free order of sentence constituents. Machine Translation of Basque is thus both a real need and a test bed for MT techniques. In this paper, we present a modular DataDriven MT system which includes different chunkers as well as chunk aligners which can deal with the free order of sentence(More)
Analogical learning is a two-step inference process: (i) computation of a mapping between a new and a memorized situation; (ii) transfer from the known to the unknown situation. This approach requires the ability to search for and exploit such mappings, which are based on the notion of analogical proportions, hence the need to properly define these(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Nous présentons un modèle d’apprentissage par analogie qui exploite la notion de proportions analogiques formelles ; cette approche présuppose de savoir donner un sens à ces proportions et de pouvoir implanter efficacement leur calcul. Nous proposons une définition algébrique de cette notion, valable pour les structures utilisées couramment pour les(More)