Nicolas Steinmetz

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A rural population in southwestern Alberta, Canada, living downwind from natural gas refineries, has expressed concerns about an excess of adverse health outcomes over the last 25 years. This has escalated to the point of causing a prominent sociopolitical controversy within the province. As part of a large field epidemiologic study undertaken during the(More)
PURPOSE Postoperative hypothermia after cardiac surgery is still a common problem often treated with forced-air warming. This study was conducted to determine the heat transfer efficacy of 11 forced-air warming systems with full body blankets on a validated copper manikin. METHODS The following systems were tested: 1) Bair Hugger 505; 2) Bair Hugger 750;(More)
The early beginning of an adequate antibiotic therapy is crucial in hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP), but depends on the results of conventional microbiological diagnostics (cMD). It was the aim of this study to evaluate the performance and turnaround times of a new point-of-care multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) system for rapid identification of(More)
For 25 years residents of a rural area in southwestern Alberta have complained of health problems attributed to sour gas emissions from nearby natural gas refineries. We undertook a large epidemiologic study of the current health status and the selected morbidity rates among 2152 people in the exposed area. We established two comparison groups: one was a(More)
Since 1958 there has been a perception of excess illness in a rural Canadian population living downwind from two natural gas refineries, the emissions of which contain mostly sulfur dioxide but also hydrogen sulfide. To determine if there was an excess of adverse health outcomes in the population exposed (defined by place of residence), a health survey was(More)
Concerns about excesses in a wide array of adverse health outcomes have been expressed for over 25 years by a rural population in southwestern Alberta, living downwind from natural gas refineries. Among these has been the perception that deaths have occurred more frequently than ought to have been expected. As part of a large field epidemiologic study(More)
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