Nicolas Siret

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The elaboration of new systems on embedded targets is becoming more and more complex. In particular, multimedia devices are now implemented using mixed hardware and software architecture, which improve the computational power but also increase the design complexity and the time to market. New design flows have been developed to help designers in the(More)
Video codec applications become more and more complex to design. To ease the description of such applications, MPEG creates a Framework called Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC). All existing codecs in MPEG have a similar structure, they are based on a hybrid decoding structure and some of their part can be reused on other design. In RVC, the dataflow is(More)
The Dataflow Process Networks (DPN) Model of Computation (MoC) has been used in different ways to improve time-to-market for complex multipurpose systems. The development of such systems presents mainly two problems: (1) the manual creation of the multi-purpose specialized hardware infrastructures is quite error-prone and may take a lot of time for(More)
The elaboration of new and innovative systems such as MPSoC (MultiProcessor System on Chip) which are made up of multiple processors, memories and IPs lies on the designers to achieve a complex codesign work. Specific tools and methods are needed to cope with the increasing complexity of both algorithms and platforms. Our approach to design such systems is(More)
Heterogeneous platforms aim to offer both performance and flexibility by providing designers processors and programmable logical units on a single platform. Processors implemented on these platforms are usually soft-cores (e.g. Altera NIOS) or ASIC (e.g. ARM Cortex-A8). However, these processors still face limitations in terms of performance compared to(More)
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