Nicolas S Johnson

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The effects of real-world schemata on recognition of complex pictures were studied. Two kinds of pictures were used: pictures of objects forming real-world scenes and unorganized collections of the same objects. The recognition test employed distractors that varied four types of information: inventory, spatial location, descriptive and spatial composition.(More)
We determined the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) concentrations of 40 male and 40 female adult sea lampreys Petromyzon marinus captured in the Cheboygan River, a tributary to Lake Huron, during May 2011. In addition, we performed a laboratory experiment using passive integrated transponder tags to determine whether male adult sea lampreys were more active(More)
In jawed (gnathostome) vertebrates, the inner ears have three semicircular canals arranged orthogonally in the three Cartesian planes: one horizontal (lateral) and two vertical canals. They function as detectors for angular acceleration in their respective planes. Living jawless craniates, cyclostomes (hagfish and lamprey) and their fossil records seemingly(More)
How are hourly wages affected by the Earned Income Tax Credit? Using variation in state EITC supplements, I find that a 10 percent increase in the generosity of the EITC is associated with a 4 percent fall in the wages of high school dropouts and a 2 percent fall in the wages of those with only a high school diploma, while having no effect on the wages of(More)
One method of solving for the zeroes of a function f(x) &equil; O is obtained by rewriting the equation in the form x &equil; g(x) from which the iteration x<subscrpt>i+l</subscrpt> &equil; g(x<subscrpt>i</subscrpt>) can be performed. In this form the process will yield a sequence of iterates x<subscrpt>o</subscrpt> x<subscrpt>1</subscrpt>,(More)
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