Nicolas Rouger

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To answer the low cost and simplicity necessities for massive market converter applications (home appliance and automotive, for example) and with the help of the monolithic integration, new components have been developed by industry. This approach leads to cost and volume reductions. In the case of intelligent power MOSFETs, the control part is supplied(More)
Silicon-on-insulator racetrack resonators can be used as multiplexers in wavelength division multiplexing applications. The free spectral range should be comparable to the span of the C-band so that a maximum number of channels can be multiplexed. However, the free spectral range is inversely proportional to the length of the resonator and, therefore,(More)
This paper presents a detailed analysis of racetrack resonators on silicon on insulator substrates. Both the temperature effects and the particularities of silicon nanophotonics are considered throughout the approach. This paper provides a detailed description of the numerical modeling and its application to different designs, while providing several charts(More)
3D packaging and hybrid heterogeneous integration are currently attracting considerable interest in the literature. In most publications, the power dies and their respective gate drivers are interconnected using flex or PCB layers. Apart from a few exceptions, packaging is mainly based on separate power and driver dies, focusing on improving the performance(More)
This paper presents an adaptive gate drive circuit to provide a safer and more efficient control of Wide Bandgap Devices (WBD). The gate drive circuit fabricated in AMS0.35μm HV CMOS technology has an adaptive output impedance for optimal turn-on/off driving conditions and a gate side power transistor switching transition detection. Its impedance can(More)
With the development of multi-level, multiphase or network converters requiring the implementation of numerous distinct power transistor gate drivers, the control signal insulation is becoming more and more important in power converters. This paper presents an isolation technique based on a coreless transformer integrated in a CMOS silicon die together with(More)
Currently, the trends in energy management are performance enhancement and increase in system reliability for the reduction of energy consumption. In this context, the integration of the gate driver within power transistors is particularly appropriate. This integration offers multiple advantages, from electrical and EMI performance improvement to power(More)
We report our recent successful experiences related to the development of a transcontinental course in silicon photonics offered by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with CMC Microsystems. The course is offered to students from across Canada and has attracted participants from nearly every Canadian university with an advanced photonics(More)
Diamond is not only known for being the hardest gemstone but also for being the semiconductor having the highest calculated figures of merit (FOM). This comes from the unique physical properties of this material. Thus, it is predicted that diamond should exceeds silicon carbide (SiC) and galium nitride (GaN) in terms of low loss device and better(More)