Nicolas Robert

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Tendon formation and repair rely on specific combinations of transcription factors, growth factors, and mechanical parameters that regulate the production and spatial organization of type I collagen. Here, we investigated the function of the zinc finger transcription factor EGR1 in tendon formation, healing, and repair using rodent animal models and(More)
• Epicormics are important defects of oak timber which originate from suppressed buds placed early and develop into epicormic shoots depending on the light available, which in turn depends on stand density. In this context, our objective was to assess the epicormic shoots present in a 20-year-old experimental plantation of sessile oak and to test and(More)
When predicting forest growth at a regional or national level, uncertainty arises from the sampling and the prediction model. Using a transition-matrix model, we made predictions for the whole Catalonian forest over an 11-year interval. It turned out that the sampling was the major source of uncertainty and accounted for at least 60 % of the total(More)
BACKGROUND Meteorologic conditions have a significant impact on the occurrence of cardiovascular events. Previous studies have shown that abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture (AAAR) may be associated with atmospheric pressure, with conflicting results. Therefore, we aimed to further investigate the nature of the correlation between atmospheric pressure(More)
WNT signaling is, in all multicellular animals, an essential intercellular communication pathway that is critical for shaping the embryo. At the molecular level, WNT signals can be transmitted by several transduction cascades, all activated chiefly by the binding of WNT ligands to receptors of the FRIZZLED family. The first step in assessing the biological(More)
PURPOSE To assess the suitability of ultrasound-guided (USG), single-injection distal block(s) for pain management after outpatient hand and wrist bone surgery. METHODS We conducted a retrospective review of 125 of 198 consecutive ambulatory surgery patients who underwent hand and wrist bone surgery between June 2010 and January 2012. All patients(More)
The synthesis of three novel racemic phenylpyridine-carbamate analogues of rhazinilam and their biological evaluation as inhibitors of microtubule assembly and disassembly by interaction with tubulin are described. The sterically hindered ortho-disubstituted biaryl unit as the challenging key structural element is first obtained by a sequential(More)
develop along with pilosebaceous unit during the embryogenesis. While sebaceous gland formation and/or sebocytes were not detected in our case, holocrine secretion was occasionally visible (Fig. 2d). Elongated excretory ducts (Fig. 2b) also implied apocrine differentiation. It is likely that this poroma itself attained apocrine differentiation as the tumor(More)
BACKGROUND Tendon is a mechanical tissue that transmits forces generated by muscle to bone in order to allow body motion. The molecular pathways that sense mechanical forces during tendon formation, homeostasis and repair are not known. EGR1 is a mechanosensitive transcription factor involved in tendon formation, homeostasis and repair. We hypothesized that(More)
In the field of hand surgery, phlegmon is a common emergency. Microbiological sampling during surgical treatment is recommended with staphylococcus and streptococcus commonly identified [1]. In most cases, broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotic therapy is required in the postoperative phase [2,3]. However, some pathogens require specific antibiotic(More)