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In this paper, we present a conceptually simple, easy-to-implement real-time search algorithm suitable for a priori partially known environments. Instead of performing a series of searches towards the goal, like most Real-Time Heuris-tic Search Algorithms do, our algorithm follows the arcs of a tree T rooted in the goal state that is built initially using(More)
Many applications, ranging from video games to dynamic robotics, require solving single-agent, deterministic search problems in partially known environments under very tight time constraints. Real-Time Heuristic Search (RTHS) algorithms are specifically designed for those applications. As a subroutine, most of them invoke a standard, but bounded, search(More)
Information propagation on graphs is a fundamental topic in distributed computing. One of the simplest models of information propagation is the push protocol in which at each round each agent independently pushes the current knowledge to a random neighbour. In this paper we study the so-called coalescing-branching random walk (COBRA), in which each vertex(More)
Many multi-agent coordination problems can be understood as autonomous local choices between a finite set of options, with each local choice undertaken simultaneously without explicit coordination between decision-makers, and with a shared goal of achieving a desired global state or states. Examples of such problems include classic consensus problems(More)