Nicolas Prat

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Data quality is crucial for operational efficiency and sound decision making. This paper focuses on believability, a major aspect of quality, measured along three dimensions: trustworthiness, reasonableness, and temporality. We ground our approach on provenance, i.e. the origin and subsequent processing history of data. We present our provenance model and(More)
Knowledge management (KM) is a multidisciplinary subject, with contributions from such disciplines as information systems (IS) and information technology (IT), strategic management, organizational theory, human-resource management, education science, psychology, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. In order to take full advantage of these various(More)
Design science in Information Systems (IS) research pertains to the creation of artifacts to solve reallife problems. Research on IS artifact evaluation remains at an early stage. In the design-science research literature, evaluation criteria are presented in a fragmented or incomplete manner. This paper addresses the following research questions: which(More)
  • Nicolas Prat
  • IEEE 7th International Conference on Research…
  • 2013
Goal modeling is crucial in many disciplines, in particular in requirements engineering. In our work, we apply a linguistic approach, namely the theory of functional grammar, to goal authoring and discovery in requirements engineering. We represent a goal as a verb followed by parameters, each parameter having a semantic function. Since our original(More)
Data warehouses use a multidimensional model. Based on this model, OLAP cubes enable users to analyze data. For correct OLAP analysis, multidimensional models should be checked. In particular, these models should ensure summarizability. Checking multidimensional models and their summarizability is complex and error-prone. To perform this task, formal(More)
Business intelligence is based on data warehouses. Data warehouses use a multidimensional model, which represents relevant facts and their measures according to different dimensions. Based on this model, OLAP cubes may be defined, enabling decision makers to analyze and synthesize data. Ontologies (and, more specifically, OWL ontologies) are a key component(More)
OBJECTIVE Chest trauma remains a leading cause of trauma-death. Since lung contusion is one of the most important lesions implicated, the aim of this experimental study was to evaluate the cardiorespiratory consequences of an isolated lung contusion model. METHODS Twenty-eight anesthetized pigs were studied during four hours. We induced a right lung(More)