Nicolas Pillet

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The mouse Xist gene is expressed exclusively from the inactive X chromosome and may be implicated in initiating X inactivation. To better understand the mechanisms underlying the control of Xist expression, we investigated the upstream regulatory region of the mouse Xist promoter. A 1.2-kb upstream region of the Xist gene was sequenced and promoter activity(More)
Acyclic nucleoside analogues with carboxamido- or nitro-substituted heterocyclic bases have been evaluated for their possible use as universal bases in oligodeoxynucleotides. The acyclic moiety endows the constructs with enough flexibility to allow good base stacking. The 5-nitroindazole analogue afforded the most stable duplexes among the acyclic(More)
The direct approach in molecular diagnosis proposes evidences of the mutations underlying the investigated diseases. Due to its speed, specificity and low cost, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has become the method of choice in most of these analyses. The direct approach can be either positive or negative. In the first case, the diagnosis is based on(More)
The goal of indirect molecular diagnostic techniques is the detection of a link between a specific allele of a polymorphic genomic marker and a given disease. This technique is used in two specific clinical situations: 1) when the gene is unknown and the search for a mutation or a gene product is impossible 2) when the gene is known but large and several(More)
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