Nicolas Pichoff

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The CONCERT concept aims to deliver high power pulsed beams to a various number of applications : mater studies with spallation neutrons, waste transmutation, exotic beam production, irradiation tools... It is one of the extension of the European Spallation Source project (ESS) dedicated to spallation neutrons production for mater studies. Both protons and(More)
A study is progress to prepare an experiment on the transport of an intense proton beam, with high optical qualities, through a periodic magnetic quadrupole FODO channel (29 periods). It is intended to provide a better understanding of how halo develops and can be controlled as a crucial issue for the design of high-intensity linear accelerators.(More)
A CW high power linear accelerator can only work with very low particles losses and structure activation. At low energy, the RFQ is a very sensitive element to losses. To design the RFQ, a good understanding of the beam dynamics is requested. Generally, the reference code PARMTEQM is enough to design the accelerator. TOUTATIS has been written with goals of(More)
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