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TTC'2015 is the 8th Transformation Tool Contest for users and developers of transformation tools. In this paper, we present the use of Spoon, an open-source library to transform and analyze Java source code for the code refactoring track of TTC'2015. We use Spoon to implement pull-up-method and create super-class refactorings. The implementation uses an(More)
Introduction Le e-commerce est un domaine qui a explosé ces dernières années avec la multiplication des sites de vente en ligne. Cependant, face à cette explosion des sites de e-commerce, l'utilisateur final perd petit à petit ses repères et éprouve les plus grandes difficultés à trouver les meilleures offres pour ses achats. Les sites de comparaison en(More)
Online shopping has reached an unforeseen success during the last decade thanks to the explosion of the Internet and the development of dedicated websites. Nonetheless, the wide diversity of e-commerce websites does not really foster the sales, but rather leaves the customer in the middle of dense jungle. In particular, finding the best offer for a specific(More)
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