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Formal verification of a software countermeasure against instruction skip attacks
This paper provides a fault-tolerant replacement sequence for almost all the instructions of the Thumb-2 instruction set and provides a formal verification for this fault tolerance, enabling to add a reasonably good security level to an embedded program and makes practical fault injection attacks much harder to achieve.
Electromagnetic Fault Injection: Towards a Fault Model on a 32-bit Microcontroller
The aim of this paper is providing a more in-depth study of the effects of electromagnetic glitch fault injection on a state-of-the-art micro controller and building an associated register-transfer level fault model.
Electromagnetic Glitch on the AES Round Counter
A Round Addition Analysis on a software implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (aes) algorithm is presented, able to disrupt the round counter increment at the end of the penultimate round and execute one additional round to recover the encryption key with only two pairs of corresponding correct and faulty ciphertexts.
Experimental evaluation of two software countermeasures against fault attacks
This paper performs a practical evaluation for two instruction-level countermeasure schemes by using a pulsed electromagnetic fault injection process on a 32-bit microcontroller and evaluates their efficiency and highlight their limitations.
Electromagnetic analysis and fault injection onto secure circuits
This paper resumes the recent results obtained on EM as an effective passive and active attack technique against secure implementations, with a particular focus onEM as a fault injection tool.
Sécurisation de programmes assembleur face aux attaques visant les processeurs embarqués. (Security of assembly programs against fault attacks on embedded processors)
  • Nicolas Moro
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 13 November 2014
Cette these s'interesse a la securite des programmes embarques face aux attaques par injection de fautes face au niveau assembleur qui realise une detection of fautes.
Electromagnetic fault injection on microcontrollers
An assembly-level fault model for electromagnetic fault injection on a state-of-the-art 32-bit microcontroller is defined and the basics of a theoretical register- transfer level fault model which could explain the faults observed are inferred.
Fault attacks on two software countermeasures
A practical evaluation of countermeasure schemes which rely on temporal redundancy at assembly instruction level is performed by using a pulsed electromagnetic fault injection process on a 32-bit microcontroller.
Attaques par injection de fautes sur microcontrôleur et contre-mesures au niveau du code embarqué
Ce travail presente un ensemble de resultats experimentaux visant a definir un modele de fautes pour les attaques par injection electromagnetiques sur un microcontroleur 32 bits. Notre approche vise