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OBJECTIVES To provide a questionnaire for assessing the sensations characterizing orgasm. To test the hypothesis that orgasm is related to autonomic hyperreflexia (AHR) in individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI). SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 97 men with SCI, of whom 50 showed AHR at ejaculation and 39 showed no AHR, were compared. Ejaculation was(More)
Male sexual responses are reflexes mediated by the spinal cord and modulated by neural circuitries involving both the peripheral and central nervous system. While the brain interact with the reflexes to allow perception of sexual sensations and to exert excitatory or inhibitory influences, penile reflexes can occur despite complete transections of the(More)
UNLABELLED Study Type - Therapy (case series) Level of Evidence 4 What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? The beneficial effect of intradetrusor botulinum toxin (BT) injections on hyperactive bladders in individuals with spinal cord injury is known from the literature, but its potential effect on ejaculation and fertility through diffusion(More)
INTRODUCTION Gender-affirming surgery is common for the treatment of gender dysphoria, but its effect on genital sensitivity is not well known. AIMS To investigate genital sensory detection thresholds in male-to-female transgender women postoperatively and their relation to psychological well-being and variables of satisfaction. METHODS Prospective(More)
INTRODUCTION Radical prostatectomy has evolved considerably during the last 20 years, with one hand, a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the prostate, and secondly, the introduction of new conservation techniques of neurovascular bundles. Despite this progress, the rate of post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction varies between 30 and 90% depending on the(More)
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