Nicolas Moeller

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Both in string field theory and in p-adic string theory the equations of motion involve infinite number of time derivatives. We argue that the initial value problem is qualitatively different from that obtained in the limit of many time derivatives in that the space of initial conditions becomes strongly constrained. We calculate the energy-momentum tensor(More)
We show that the triviality of the entire cohomology of the new BRST operator Q around the tachyon vacuum is equivalent to the Q-exactness of the identity I of the ⋆-algebra. We use level truncation to show that as the level is increased, the identity becomes more accurately Q-exact. We carry our computations up to level nine, where an accuracy of 3% is(More)
We study a simple model of p-adic closed and open strings. It sheds some light on the dynamics of tachyon condensation for both types of strings. We calculate the effect of static and decaying D-brane configurations on the closed string background. For closed string tachyons we find lumps analogous to D-branes. By studying their fluctuation spectrum and the(More)
We solve the geometry of the closed string field theory five-point vertex. Our solution is calculated in terms of quadratic Strebel differentials which are found numerically all over the relevant subspace of the moduli space of spheres with five punctures. Part of the boundary of the reduced moduli space is described in terms of an algebraic curve, while(More)