Nicolas Miani

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The brain-specific S-100 protein was localized at the electron microscopic level in the anterior and posterior pituitary gland of adult rat by indirect immunoperoxidase histology. The protein was found in the stellate cells of the pars distalis and tuberalis, in the marginal cells that line the hypophyseal cleft and in the glia-like cells, the pituicytes,(More)
alpha-Bungarotoxin (alpha-BuTX) has been used as a marker for studying the production of alpha-bungarotoxin-acetylcholine receptors (alpha-BuTX-AChRs) in explants of chick embryo sympathetic ganglia cultured in vitro. New alpha-BuTX-AChRs appear rapidly in the explants after blocking of the pre-existent ones with the toxin (40% of the total receptors at 3(More)