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In this paper, we introduce the NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool free software used to build the Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French. It relies on a dependency-based model to manually annotate Old French texts from the Base de Français Médiéval and the Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam. NotaBene uses OWL ontologies to frame the terminology used in the(More)
Scholars have proposed many different models to describe coordination of verbal dependents. We give a brief presentation of the most common ways to deal with this construction from a general point of view. Then, we evaluate the adequacy of the models using data from Old French. In this particular language, coordination is a more elaborated form of(More)
Syntactic analyses describe grouping operations that explain how words are combined to form utterances. The nature of these operations depends on the approach. In a constituency-based approach, grouping operations are ordered, or stratified, part-whole relations. In a dependency-based approach, grouping operations identify a governor (or head), i.e. they(More)
This paper scrutinizes various dependency based representations of the syntax of function words, such as prepositions. The focus is on the underlying formal object used to encode the linguistic analyses and its relation to the corresponding linguistic theory. The poly-graph structure is introduced: it consists of a generalization of the concept of graph(More)
The focus of this paper is the description of the surface syntax relations in the simple clause in Old French and the way they can be described in a dependency grammar. The declension system of Old French is not reliable enough to cope with the identification of the dependents of the main verb, but it remains true that related grammatical markers are still(More)
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