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High-precision measurements by the ATLAS Collaboration are presented of inclusive $$W^+ \rightarrow \ell ^+\nu $$W+→ℓ+ν, $$W^- \rightarrow \ell ^-\bar{\nu }$$W-→ℓ-ν¯ and $$Z/\gamma ^* \rightarrow(More)
A search for the electroweak production of charginos, neutralinos and sleptons decaying into final states involving two or three electrons or muons is presented. The analysis is based on 36.1(More)
A search for neutral Higgs bosons of the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) and for a heavneutral $$Z^{\prime }$$Z′ boson is performed using a data sample corresponding to an integrated(More)
A test of CP invariance in Higgs boson production via vector-boson fusion using the method of the Optimal Observable is presented. The analysis exploits the decay mode of the Higgs boson into a pair(More)