Nicolas Mauduit

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Neural network simulations on a parallel architecture are reported. The architecture is scalable and flexible enough to be useful for simulating various kinds of networks and paradigms. The computing device is based on an existing coarse-grain parallel framework (INMOS transputers), improved with finer-grain parallel abilities through VLSI chips, and is(More)
In humans, some psychotropic agents (alcohol, drugs, illicit substances) have been suggested to play a role in the occurrence of major behavioural disorders, mainly due to the suppression of psychomotor inhibition. Behavioural disinhibition is a physiological mechanism which allows humans to behave appropriately according to a given environmental situation.(More)
Rating scales and questionnaires used as measurement tools in Parkinson's disease are carefully constructed with well-defined items. The validity of a scale is its capacity to provide the intended measurement. One can distinguish perceived, content, and criteria-based validity as well as construction and sensitivity to change validity. The reliability of a(More)
The quality of human cognitive performance appears today as one of the main components of quality of life, whatever the age. Ageing by itself and most of the diseases affecting the central nervous system alter higher brain functions such as memory, vigilance and attention. Dementia is the most acute example, with a cascade of behavioral and psychological(More)
Although the neurobiological causative factors are now beginning to be understood, to a large extent the complex mechanisms involved in migraine remain an enigma, with the appearance of a transient unilateral cephalic pain, possibly preceded by a protean aura and associated with several other symptoms. The factors involved include three clinical signs or(More)
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