Nicolas Martin

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This study aimed to determine the distinct contribution of slow (11-13 Hz) and fast (13-15 Hz) spindles in the consolidation process of a motor sequence learning task (MSL). Young subjects (n = 12) were trained on both a finger MSL task and a control (CTRL) condition, which were administered one week apart in a counterbalanced order. Subjects were asked to(More)
BACKGROUND The use of topical mitomycin (mitomycin-C) as a medical adjunct to pterygium and glaucoma surgery is increasing. METHODS The authors report on a series of 10 patients who experienced serious, vision-threatening complications associated with the use of this drug after pterygium surgery. RESULTS Complications included severe secondary glaucoma(More)
Reconstruction from structured light can be greatly affected by interreflections between surfaces in the scene. This paper introduces band-pass white noise patterns designed specifically to reduce interreflections, and still be robust to standard challenges in scanning systems such as scene depth discontinuities, defocus and low camera-projector pixel(More)
Historically wildlife conservation was based on habitat protection and exploitation control. Only recently have diseases been considered an important issue. However, pathogens are usually described during or after disease outbreaks, but to determine which pathogens may be emerging, surveys of wildlife health are critical in a given time. This study deals(More)
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a highly potent inflammatory trigger and is reportedly found outside the cells in blood in various pathologies. Platelets are abundant in blood where they promote hemostasis. Although lacking a nucleus, platelets contain functional mitochondria. On activation, platelets produce extracellular vesicles known as microparticles. We(More)
Despite the key role in neuronal development of a deficit in the methyl donor folate, little is known on the underlying mechanisms. We therefore studied the consequences of folate deficiency on proliferation, differentiation, and plasticity of the rat H19-7 hippocampal cell line. Folate deficit reduced proliferation (17%) and sensitized cells to(More)
BACKGROUND The AMS is an internationally used health-related quality of life (HRQoL) scale. The aim of this paper is to provide evidence that the French AMS scale measures HRQoL are as valid as other language versions. We also intend to show whether the application of AMS is really limited to aging males only or not. More generally, we like to demonstrate(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the resin matrix composition on the translucency of experimental dental composite resins. METHODS Three types of unfilled resin matrices (TEGDMA-, UDMA- and BisGMA-based) were formulated and light cured. In addition, six different experimental dental composite resins with constant(More)
Although recent studies have documented compensatory generation of neurons in adult brains in response to various insults, a noninjurious short episode of hypoxia in rat neonates has been shown to trigger neurogenesis within the ensuing weeks, without apparent brain lesions. Very little is known of the long-term consequences. We therefore investigated the(More)