Nicolas Marcille

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For simulations of large spiking neuron networks, an accurate, simple and versatile single-neuron modeling framework is required. Here we explore the versatility of a simple two-equation model: the adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire neuron. We show that this model generates multiple firing patterns depending on the choice of parameter values, and(More)
Decisions about noisy stimuli require evidence integration over time. Traditionally, evidence integration and decision making are described as a one-stage process: a decision is made when evidence for the presence of a stimulus crosses a threshold. Here, we show that one-stage models cannot explain psychophysical experiments on feature fusion, where two(More)
Here, we reproduce several firing patterns of mainly interneurons from the EPFL microcircuit database [5]. The aEIF model was used to reproduce the firing pattern of the different electric classes of neurons under standard electrophysiological input regime. We studied nine classes among which Delayed Initiation Spiking, Burst Spiking, Fast Adapting or(More)
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