Nicolas M. Johnson

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Trk tyrosine kinases are receptors for members of the neurotrophin family and are crucial for growth and survival of specific populations of neurons. Yet, the functions of neurotrophin-Trk signaling in postnatal development as well as maintenance and plasticity of the adult nervous system are less clear. We report here the generation of mice harboring Trk(More)
Even before 9/11 there were claims that the nature of war had changed fundamentally 1. The 9/11 attacks created an urgent need to understand contemporary wars and their relationship to older conventional and terrorist wars, both of which exhibit remarkable regularities 2-6. The frequency-intensity distribution of fatalities in "old wars", 1816-1980, is a(More)
How are hourly wages affected by the Earned Income Tax Credit? Using variation in state EITC supplements, I find that a 10 percent increase in the generosity of the EITC is associated with a 4 percent fall in the wages of high school dropouts and a 2 percent fall in the wages of those with only a high school diploma, while having no effect on the wages of(More)
One method of solving for the zeroes of a function f(x) &equil; O is obtained by rewriting the equation in the form x &equil; g(x) from which the iteration x<subscrpt>i+l</subscrpt> &equil; g(x<subscrpt>i</subscrpt>) can be performed. In this form the process will yield a sequence of iterates x<subscrpt>o</subscrpt> x<subscrpt>1</subscrpt>,(More)
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