Nicolas Loménie

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INTRODUCTION In the framework of the Cognitive Microscope (MICO) project, we have set up a contest about mitosis detection in images of H and E stained slides of breast cancer for the conference ICPR 2012. Mitotic count is an important parameter for the prognosis of breast cancer. However, mitosis detection in digital histopathology is a challenging problem(More)
Histopathological examination is a powerful standard for the prognosis of critical diseases. But, despite significant advances in high-speed and high-resolution scanning devices or in virtual exploration capabilities, the clinical analysis of whole slide images (WSI) largely remains the work of human experts. We propose an innovative platform in which(More)
Range image segmentation has many applications in computer vision areas such as computer graphics and robotic vision. A generic methodology for 3D point set analysis in which planar structures play an important role is defined. It consists mainly of a specific K-means algorithm which is able to process different shapes in cluster. At the same time, within(More)
High-level spatial relation and configuration modeling issues are gaining momentum in the image analysis and pattern recognition fields. In particular, it is deemed important whenever one needs to mine high-content images or large scale image databases in a more expressive way than a purely statistically one. Continuing previous efforts to incorporate(More)
Most research works focus on pattern recognition within a small sample images but strategies for running efficiently these algorithms over large images are rarely if ever specifically considered. In particular, the new generation of satellite and microscopic images are acquired at a very high resolution and a very high daily rate. We propose an efficient,(More)
We present some results on systems for automatically detecting bridges in high-resolution satellite images. We had made some preliminary explorations on the use of geometric models to detect bridges and round-abouts in panchromatic, high-resolution ((50 cm) per pixel) satellite images [1] . We had not yet systematically evaluated the system, but false(More)