Nicolas Limare

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In 1964 Edwin H. Land formulated the Retinex theory, the first attempt to simulate and explain how the human visual system perceives color. Unfortunately, the Retinex Land-McCann original algorithm is both complex and not fully specified. Indeed, this algorithm computes at each pixel an average of a very large set of paths on the image. For this reason,(More)
After four years of development of the Image Processing On Line journal (IPOL), this article presents a first analysis and overview of its scientific and technical development. The main issues met and overcome from the beginning of the journal are described with a focus on the purpose of the journal to establish a state of the art on the main Image(More)
With the journal Image Processing On Line (IPOL), we propose to promote software to the status of regular research material and subject it to the same treatment as research papers: it must be reviewed, it must be reusable and verifiable by the research community, it must follow style and quality guidelines. In IPOL, algorithms are published with their(More)
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