Nicolas Lembert

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A plant mixture containing extracts of Nigella sativa possesses blood glucose lowering effects, but the direct antidiabetic effect of Nigella sativa is not yet established. Therefore, the effect of Nigella sativa oil (NSO) on blood glucose concentrations was studied in streptozotocin diabetic rats. In addition, the effect of NSO, nigellone and thymoquinone(More)
In the present study, Nigella sativa oil (NSO), nigellone (polythymoquinone) and derived thymoquinone were studied to evaluate their effect on the formation of 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) products from polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNL).NSO produced a concentration dependent inhibition of 5-LO products and 5-hydroxy-eicosa-tetra-enoic acid (5-HETE) production(More)
ATP and luciferin are not only substrates of firefly luciferase, but can, in addition, modulate its activity. High concentrations of luciferin induce a conformational change of the enzyme that temporarily reduces the catalytic rate. Re-activation takes approx. 20 min and is independent of variation in the concentration of enzyme or ATP, but lengthens with(More)
Positively charged metallic oxides prevent blood coagulation whereas negatively charged metallic oxides are thrombogenic. This study was performed to examine whether this effect extends to metallic oxide nanoparticles. Oscillation shear rheometry was used to study the effect of zinc oxide and silicon dioxide nanoparticles on thrombus formation in human(More)
BACKGROUND Cell-based approaches towards restoration of prolapsed or degenerated intervertebral discs are hampered by a lack of measures for safe administration and placement of cell suspensions within a treated disc. In order to overcome these risks, a serum albumin-based hydrogel has been developed that polymerizes after injection and anchors the(More)
We cultured isolated islets from human or porcine origin in the presence or absence of IL1 and TNFα and studied cytoprotective effects of two structurally different PBR ligands. Storage of pig or human islets in the presence of cytokines significantly lowered the fraction of vital beta-cells. Compared with cytokine incubations PK11195 alone or in(More)
During the isolation of human islets of Langerhans the digest has repeated direct contact with the ambient atmosphere. In order to fulfill GMP requirements in clinical applications, the entire cell preparation must be performed in clean room facilities. We hypothesized that the use of a closed system, which avoids the direct exposure of tissue to the(More)
BACKGROUND The peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor or translocator protein (TSPO) is an 18-kDa protein involved in cell proliferation and apoptosis. TSPO was shown to be overexpressed in malignant tumors and cancer cell lines, correlating with enhanced malignant behavior. The present study analyzed the role of TSPO in patients with colorectal(More)
The transplantation of encapsulated islets of Langerhans is one approach to treat type 1 diabetes without the need of lifelong immunosuppression. Capillaries have been used for macroencapsulation because they have a favorable surface-to-volume ratio and because they can be refilled. It is unclear at present whether the outer surface of such capillaries(More)
The determination of islet mass is important for the normalization of islet experiments in the laboratory and for the precise dosing of islets for transplantation. The common microscopical analysis is based on individual islet sizing, calculation of the frequency distribution, and conversion into islet equivalents (IEQ), which is the volume of a spherical(More)