Nicolas Larrieu

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—The goals of the present contribution are twofold. First, we propose the use of a non-Gaussian long-range dependent process to model Internet traffic aggregated time series. We give the definitions and intuition behind the use of this model. We detail numerical procedures that can be used to synthesize artificial traffic exactly following the model(More)
Available bandwidth – as well as capacity or achievable bandwidth – on a path or a link is one of the very important parameters to measure or estimate in a network: it is of high interest for many networking functions (routing, admission and congestion control, load balancing, etc). Active probing techniques provide the easiest and the more flexible(More)
Due to the variety of services and applications available on today's Internet, many properties of the traffic stray from the classical characteristics (Gaussianity and short memory) of standard models. The goal of the present contribution is to propose a statistical model able to acccount both for the non Gaussian and long memory properties of ag-gregated(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Nous nous intéressons à la détection d'attaques sur le réseau Internet. Nos procédures de détection reposent sur l'utilisation de lois non gaussiennes pour modéliser conjointement les distributions marginales du trafic agrégé à différents niveaux. Nous utilisons ensuite plu-sieurs distances statistiques pour quantifier une rupture dans cette(More)
— How to provide quality of service (QoS), has been a major issue for the Internet for the past decade. But, recent monitoring projects showed that Internet traffic exhibited large variations, and non-stationary traffic, making difficult to guarantee a stable and robust QoS. The objective of this paper is then to guaranty a robust QoS which means providing(More)
L'Internet doit aujourd'hui fournir de très nombreux services garantis pour un grand nombre d'applications diverses et variées. La qualité des services qu'il offre devient donc très sensible aux anomalies du trafic dues par exemplè a des pannes, ` a des «foules subites» où a des attaques de déni de service (DoS) dont le but est de réduire de façon(More)