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The history of technological anxiety and the future of economic growth: Is this time different?
Technology is widely considered the main source of economic progress, but it has also generated cultural anxiety throughout history. The developed world is now suffering from another bout of suchExpand
Weak population regulation in ecological time series.
How strongly natural populations are regulated has a long history of debate in ecology. Here, we discuss concepts of population regulation appropriate for stochastic population dynamics. We thenExpand
Cementing the case for collusion under the National Recovery Administration
Macroeconomists have long debated the aggregate effects of anti-competitive provisions under the “Codes of Fair Conduct” promulgated by the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA). Despite theExpand
Identifying the Effects of Bank Failures from a Natural Experiment in Mississippi during the Great Depression
I examine the causal effect of bank failures during the Great Depression using the quasi-experimental setup of Richardson and Troost (2009). The experiment is based on Mississippi being divided intoExpand
The evolution of resistance to two-toxin pyramid transgenic crops.
Pyramid transgenic crops that express two Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxins hold great potential for reducing insect damage and slowing the evolution of resistance to the toxins. Here, we analyzed aExpand
Analysis of ecological time series with ARMA(p,q) models.
Autoregressive moving average (ARMA) models are useful statistical tools to examine the dynamical characteristics of ecological time-series data. Here, we illustrate the utility and challenges ofExpand
Are China and India Backwards? Evidence from the 19th Century U.S. Census of Manufactures
Hsieh and Klenow (2009) argue that a large fraction of aggregate TFP differences between the U.S. and the developing countries of China and India can be explained by factor misallocation. TheirExpand
Life after Debt: Postgraduation Consequences of Federal Student Loans
We estimate the causal effect of student loans on post-graduation outcomes exploiting a kink in the formula determining the eligibility for need-based federal student loans. Using a nationallyExpand
Economic Development and the Demographics of Criminals in Victorian England
We use a data set consisting of felony trials in London from 1835 to 1913 to analyze changing demographic patterns in the commission of crimes. We find that the average age of offenders in LondonExpand
The Effects of the Real Oil Price on Regional Wage Dispersion
We find that oil supply shocks decrease average real wages, particularly skilled wages, and increase wage dispersion across regions, particularly unskilled wage dispersion. In a model with spatialExpand