Nicolas Kuhne

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Many countries reorganizing their health services are drawn toward similar reform programs and tend to experience what seem to be similar problems relating to implementation outcomes. One such problem is the major crisis within the nursing profession relating to the labor market, working conditions and level of autonomy. This research examines the thesis(More)
Risk is an unavoidable "partner" of the life course for single home dwelling elderly, especially in the older age. The primary concerned person is not the only one to make decisions, his/her proxy and the community care professionals are also involved. Crisscrossing the point of view of these three types of actors with the same situation shows that risk is(More)
Q-sort is a research method which allows defining profiles of attitudes toward a set of statements, ordered in relation to each other. Pertaining to the Q Methodology, the qualitative analysis of the Q-sorts is based on quantitative techniques. This method is of particular interest for research in health professions, a field in which attitudes of patients(More)
BACKGROUND The use of touch and simple massage are first-line non-pharmacological interventions used in the comprehensive care for the elderly with dementia (EWD). CONTEXT These acts have positive effects on both the level of anxiety and self-esteem of EWD. Nevertheless, they are not carried out by all caregivers in the same manner. OBJECTIVES This(More)
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