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Reactions in water between mixtures of rare earth ions (Ln =Y, La-Tm, except Pm) and the sodium salt of terephthalic acid lead to an infinite family of isostructural heteropolynuclear coordination polymers. The monophasic character of the synthesized powders as well as the isostructurality of the heteropolynuclear compounds with the previously described(More)
Reaction in water between rare earth ions (Ln = Y, La-Tm, except Pm) and the sodium salt of terephthalic acid leads to a family of lanthanide-based coordination polymers of general formula [Ln2(C8H4O4)3(H2O)4] n with Ln = La-Tm or Y. The isostructurality of the compounds with the previously reported Tb-containing polymer is ascertained on the basis of their(More)
The hydrothermal reaction of 5-aminoisophthalic acid and praseodymium oxide in different acids results in two new praseodymium coordination polymers, {Pr(2)(aip)(3)(H(2)O)(2) x 3 H(2)O}(n) (1) and {Pr(2)(Haip)(2)(aip)(NO(3))(2) x 8 H(2)O}(n) (2) (aip = 5-aminoisophthalate). Complexes 1 and 2 are two distinct three-dimensional metal-organic frameworks(More)
The reaction of the Er3+ ion with polycarboxylate ligands in gel media leads to coordination polymers exhibiting various structural types and dimensionalities. Five Er3+/1,4-benzenedicarboxylate-based coordination polymers have been obtained in such conditions. Four out of the five are new. Their crystal structures are reported and compared herein. Compound(More)
The novel manganese(III) complexes PPh4[Mn(mal)2(H2O)2] (1) and AsPh4[Mn(mal)2(H2O)2] (2) (PPh4+ = tetraphenylphosphonium cation, AsPh4+ = tetraphenylarsonium cation, and H2mal = malonic acid) have been prepared, and the structure of 2 was determined by X-ray diffraction analysis. 2 is a mononuclear complex whose structure is made up of(More)
A new 3-D coordination polymer containing both 3d and 4f ions has been designed. Its chemical formula is La2[Cu(pba)]3(H2O)8 . 8H2O. It crystallizes in the quadratic system, space group I41/a with a = 42.4947(9) Angstrom, c = 16.3378(3) Angstrom, and Z = 16. Its crystal structure can be described as a 3-D molecular framework exhibiting a complex network of(More)
Hydrothermal reaction of diaminomaleonitrile and copper salts under different conditions resulted in copper cyanide coordination polymers {[Cu(H 2O)(NH 3) 4][Cu 3(CN) 5].H 2O} n ( 1), {(CH 3) 4N[Cu(H 2O)(NH 3) 4][Cu 4(CN) 7]} n ( 2), and {(CH 3OH 2) 2[Cu 2(CN) 3]} n ( 3). 1 and 2 are new mixed-valence Cu(I,II), two 3D organic-inorganic molecular framework(More)
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