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Magnetization transfer (MT) techniques have been shown to significantly reduce background soft-tissue signal in time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography. To achieve sufficient suppression, radio frequency (RF) pulses with tip angles on the order of 1000 degrees are typically used, resulting in significant RF power deposition in the patient. Although(More)
Following confirmed cases of trypanosomosis in military working dogs, a cross-sectional study was undertaken to evaluate the source of infection and determine the prevalence of canine infection with Trypanosoma congolense in the urban focus of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Blood from 123 dogs were collected and subjected to PCR using specific primers for(More)
Canine leishmaniasis (CanL), a parasitic zoonotic disease caused by Leishmania infantum and usually transmitted by phlebotomine sandflies, has rarely been reported in Pacific islands, which have been regarded until now as leishmaniasis-free territory. Here, we report the first autochthonous CanL case in New Caledonia (south-western Pacific) and the(More)
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The agar dilution method is currently considered as the reference method for Mycobacterium marinum drug susceptibility testing (DST). As it is time-consuming, alternative methods, such as the E-test, were evaluated for M. marinum DST, but without success. The SLOMYCO Sensititre® panel, recently commercialized by TREK Diagnostic Systems (Cleveland, OH), can(More)
  • P M W P H Strandberg, M S Carr, +22 authors Wemple
  • 2009
A. SPIN-LATTICE RELAXATION In order to relate experimentally observed relaxation times to the spin-phonon transition probabilities, it is necessary to solve the system of rate equations: dN. 1 W.. is the lattice-induced transition probability from state j to i.
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