Nicolas Hotellier

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3D integration has now made a place in semiconductor landscape and is coming closer from implementation in manufacturing. Although process bricks are almost all available now, there are still several challenges to solve before it is introduced in standard flows. One of those which is not commonly addressed is to get final customer’s interest by showing him(More)
Wafer level molding is an important process step in the chip on wafer approach and seems currently required in stacking first process flow. Thermo-mechanical properties of molding material has to be controlled to limit stress induce by CTE mismatch with silicon wafer and also to assure planarization and protection functions. 2D and 3D finite element(More)
Thermo-mechanical stresses have proven to be a critical issue in a typical interposer integration and assembly flow. However the nature of passive interposer makes the integration of MOS-based stress sensors impossible. New methods are required. Using a coupling strategy between 3D Finite Element Models (FEM) and physical characterization, a method based on(More)
Passive stress sensors have been integrated in a silicon interposer test vehicle to investigate thermo-mechanical stress in a typical 2.5D system. The present sensors are integrated in a rosette-shape consisting of eight oriented copper serpentines acting like strain gauges. An innovative design allows theoretically the calculation of a partial stress(More)
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