Nicolas Hoffmann

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Since June 2002, revised regulations in Germany allow medical faculties to implement new curricular concepts. The medical faculty of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, Germany, decided to start a major reform experiment in winter 2003, focussing on an interdisciplinary integration of organs and organ systems such as the(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive knowledge and skills in the basics of emergency medical care are of paramount importance for every physician and should therefore be an integral part of medical education. METHODS Regulations for medical licensure in Germany were revised by the administrative authorities in 2002 and as a consequence the Medical Faculty of the(More)
Der berechtigte Anspruch, notwendige Fertigkeiten der Notfallversorgung von jedem Arzt erwarten zu können, und ein steigendes öffentliches Interesse an der Qualität ärztlicher Leistungen erfordern eine größere Gewichtung dieser Lerninhalte im Medizinstudium. Im Rahmen der seit dem 1.10.2003 gültigen neuen Approbationsordnung für Ärzte beschloss die(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the cognitive function of parturients in the days immediately after delivery. METHODS One hundred postpartum mothers who delivered normal full-term infants were tested on standardized neuropsychological tests--the Wechsler Logical Memory Test and the Wechsler Visual Reproduction Test. Their test results were compared with those of(More)
BACKGROUND Since the report "To err is human" was published by the Institute of Medicine in the year 2000, topics regarding patient safety and error management are in the focal point of interest of science and politics. Despite international attention, a structured and comprehensive medical education regarding these topics remains to be missing. GOALS The(More)
The interactional behavior of depressed individuals and that of control subjects was observed by means of a coding system. The partners of depressed individuals showed different categorial frequencies than the partners of non-depressed individuals. In addition, differing categorial frequencies were displayed by long-term and short-term partners. Short-term(More)
Die neurokardiogene Synkope ist Ergebnis eines durch autonome Reflexbögen fehlregulierten Blutdruckabfalls mit oder ohne Bradykardie. Die durch diese Mechanismen hervorgerufene Vasodepression und Kardioinhibition ist transient, selbstlimitierend und prognostisch benigne. Zu den neurokardiogenen Synkopen, die die insgesamt häufigste Ursache eines plötzlichen(More)
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