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Training future language teachers to develop online tutors' competence through reflective analysis
This article sets out to identify key competencies which language tutors need to develop in order to manage synchronous online teaching. In order to aptly monitor interactions with distant learners,Expand
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The effects of multimodality on L2 learners: Implications for CALL resource design
Abstract This paper presents results of a pilot study investigating the effects of multimodality upon second language comprehension with a view to informing future instructional design. An experimentExpand
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The use of the webcam for teaching a foreign language in a desktop videoconferencing environment
This paper explores how language teachers learn to teach with a synchronous multimodal setup (Skype), and it focuses on their use of the webcam during the pedagogical interaction. First, we analyzeExpand
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Vers l'intégration des TIC dans l'enseignement des langues
Cet ouvrage presente les enjeux relatifs a l'integration des TIC en examinant plus particulierement le courant de recherches portant sur la formation des enseignants de langue aux TIC afinExpand
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Les usages des TIC par les lycéens - déconnexion entre usages personnels et usages scolaires
Cette recherche, qui adopte la perspective de la sociologie des usages, s'appuie sur une enquete a la fois par questionnaire et par entretiens pour sonder les usages numeriques des lyceens deExpand
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Preparatory study for the design of a desktop videoconferencing platform for synchronous language teaching
This case study paves the way for a research and development project aiming to design a desktop videoconferencing platform specifically dedicated to synchronous language teaching. It starts byExpand
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Editorial: Teacher education research in call and cmc: more in demand than ever
At the EUROCALL conference 2009 in Gandia we, the editors of this special issue decided to blow a breath of fresh air into the Special Interest Group for Teacher Education and were overwhelmed by theExpand
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Une approche sociocritique des usages numériques en éducation
Cet article a pour objectif de contribuer a formaliser une approche sociocritique du numerique en education. Telle que nous la concevons, cette approche consiste a etudier les relations entre leExpand
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The Impact of the Webcam on an Online L2 Interaction
It is intuitively felt that visual cues should enhance online communication, and this experimental study aims to test this prediction by exploring the value provided by a webcam in an online L2Expand
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Assessing the use of aids for a computer-mediated task: Taking notes while listening
Université Lyon 2 – ICAR, UMR 5191 nicolas.guichon@univ-lyon2.fr This research aims at understanding the cognitive processes at work, and strategies used by, students of English as a foreign languageExpand
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