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A mild and efficient method for the direct alkenylation of nonaromatic enamides was achieved through a palladium(II)-catalyzed C-H functionalization. The reaction scope includes cyclic and acyclic enamides and a range of activated alkenes. This approach represents the first successful direct C(3)-functionalization of nonaromatic cyclic enamides.
An efficient biomimetic aerobic oxidative dehydrogenative alkenylation of arenes with allyl esters is presented. The reaction proceeds under an ambient pressure of oxygen with relatively low catalyst loading of palladium acetate, employing catalytic amounts of electron-transfer mediators (ETMs). This study represents a new environmentally friendly method(More)
An efficient domino approach for the diastereoselective synthesis of polyfunctionalized nitrogen-fused tetrahydroquinoline frameworks under mild conditions has been developed. The scope and limitation of this transformation were investigated by using a range of readily accessible enamides and benzyl azides. This method is also applicable to the formation of(More)
Enamides are stable enamine surrogates and provide key intermediates for the synthesis of small but complex nitrogen-containing compounds. Metal-catalyzed regioselective functionalization of enamides provides a rapid method to synthesize useful nitrogen containing heterocycles. This review discloses the recent progress made in the development of the C-H(More)
A straightforward palladium-catalyzed oxidative hydroxylation of azobenzenes is reported. The developed methodology tolerates various functional groups and allows the synthesis of diverse unsymmetrical azophenols under mild conditions in good to excellent yields. A complementary procedure was also investigated by in situ generation of PIFA. This study(More)
An efficient Pd-catalyzed decarboxylative cross-coupling reaction of simple enamides was achieved. Depending on the choice of the nitrogen-protecting group, a site-selective synthesis of mono- or diarylated framework(s) was performed under mild conditions. This unprecedented reactivity could be applied to the synthesis of a range of 2- or 2,4-diarylated(More)
The synthesis of 3-aryl-2-cyclohexenones is a topic of current interest as they are not only privileged structures in bioactive molecules, but they are also relevant feedstocks for the synthesis of substituted phenols or anilines, which are ubiquitous structural elements both in drug design and medicinal chemistry. A simple and sustainable one-pot aerobic(More)
An unexpected acid-mediated cascade reaction induced by conjugate addition of sulfinamides to dienediones has been developed. This highly efficient Rauhut-Currier reaction enables the rapid, high-yielding construction of sulfonated cyclopentanes with three contiguous stereogenic centers in a single operation starting from simple sulfinamides. This process(More)