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—The success of requirements engineering depends critically on effective communication between business analysts and end users, yet empirical studies show that business stakeholders understand RE notations very poorly. This paper proposes a novel approach to designing RE visual notations that actively involves naïve users in the process. We use i*, one of(More)
The Use Case Map (UCM) notation is a scenario modelling language part of ITU-T's User Requirements Notation and intended for the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements. Like many visual modelling languages, the concrete graphical syntax of the UCM notation has not been designed taking cognitive effectiveness formally into(More)
[Context and motivation] i* is one of the most popular modelling languages in Requirements Engineering. i* models are meant to support communication between technical and non-technical stakeholders about the goals of the future system. Recent research has established that the effectiveness of model-mediated communication heavily depends on the visual syntax(More)
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