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—An ultra-low-power four-channel sensor interface for wireless sensor networks employing semi-active RFID transponders as sensor nodes is described in the present paper. Each channel is based on a self-contained switched-capacitor second-order single-bit Σ∆-modulator operated in an incremen-tal manner. The power consumption can be regulated through(More)
We introduce a novel approach of real-time traffic management by a virtual traffic light controller system. Today's traffic management systems are lacking real time capabilities to efficiently control dense traffic situations. The utilization of mobile communication technologies, the power of cloud computing technology and the ability to perform real time(More)
Every year worldwide, dozens of people are injured or killed due to the non-alert for vehicle drivers of oncoming trains or trams. This paper proposes a telemetry network approach for addressing this situation. The concept of real-time traffic management utilizing a virtual road crossing controller system is described. Using mobile communication(More)
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