Nicolas Gauquelin

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Platinum-nanoparticle-based catalysts are widely used in many important chemical processes and automobile industries. Downsizing catalyst nanoparticles to single atoms is highly desirable to maximize their use efficiency, however, very challenging. Here we report a practical synthesis for isolated single Pt atoms anchored to graphene nanosheet using the(More)
The interfacial atomic structure of a metallic LaNiO 3 /LaAlO 3 superlattice grown on a LaSrAlO 4 substrate was investigated using a combination of atomically resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) at the Al K, edges as well as hybridization mapping of selected features of the O K-edge fine structure. We observe an additional La 1−x Sr x Al 1−y(More)
Nano-sized gold has become an important material in various fields of science and technology, where control over the size and crystallography is desired to tailor the functionality. Gold crystallizes in the face-centered cubic (fcc) phase, and its hexagonal closed packed (hcp) structure is a very unusual and rare phase. Stable Au hcp phase has been reported(More)
Experimental details. For TEM investigation, a ~25-50 nm thick LCMO/STO lamella was prepared perpendicular to the zone axis orientation of the SrTiO 3 substrate using focused ion beam milling. The [01 ̅ 1] atomically resolved EDX experiments were performed using an FEI X-Ant-EM microscope at the University of Antwerp, operated at 300 kV which offers a high(More)
In this paper, with the example of two different polymorphs of KEu(MoO 4) 2 , the influence of the ordering of the A-cations on the luminescent properties in scheelite related compounds (A′,A″) n [(B′,B″)O 4 ] m is investigated. The polymorphs were synthesized using a solid state method. The study confirmed the existence of only two polymorphic forms at(More)
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