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Usually, in the Question Answering domain , for a question in natural language, precise answers to the question are extracted from documents according only to the context of the question. In this work, we complemented this approach by adding a filtering process on top of the document retrieval. This way, the system re-evaluates the documents it has(More)
RÉSUMÉ Dans cet article, nous présentons une méthode de segmentation de pages web en blocs de texte pour la sélection de documents pertinents en questions-réponses. La segmentation des documents se fait préalablement à leur indexation en plus du découpage des segments obtenus en passages au moment de l'extraction des réponses. L'extraction du contenu(More)
In this paper, we present a study on tweet classification which aims to define the communication behavior of the 103 French museums that participated in 2014 in the Twitter operation: MuseumWeek. The tweets were automatically classified in four communication categories: sharing experience, promoting participation, interacting with the community, and(More)
About 5 cases of recurrent facial palsy (1 case of familial récurrent facial palsy) and 1 case of non récurrent familial facial palsy, this work analyse the recent knowledges about this subject. Frequency of recurrent palsy is about 10% of the non traumatic facial palsies. A classification is proposed. The prognostic of a recurrence appears similar to the(More)
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