Nicolas Folliet

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In the context of nanomedicine, liposils (liposomes and silica) have a strong potential for drug storage and release schemes: such materials combine the intrinsic properties of liposome (encapsulation) and silica (increased rigidity, protective coating, pH degradability). In this work, an original approach combining solid state NMR, molecular dynamics,(More)
The mechanisms of formation of organically modified (phenyl, vinyl, and methyl) silica materials with cubic Pm3n and hexagonal p6m periodic mesostructures obtained in one step in the presence of the cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTA(+)B) surfactant are reported in this study. Understanding the way these complex materials form is difficult but undoubtedly(More)
Strontium is an element of fundamental importance in biomedical science. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that Sr(2+) ions can promote bone growth and inhibit bone resorption. Thus, the oral administration of Sr-containing medications has been used clinically to prevent osteoporosis, and Sr-containing biomaterials have been developed for implant and tissue(More)
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