Nicolas Faure

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The sensitivity of grating-coupled Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) on metallic surface has been exploited to investigate the correlation between ripples formation under ultrashort laser exposure and SPPs generation conditions. Systematic examination of coupling of single ultrashort laser pulse on gratings with appropriate periods ranging from 440 nm to(More)
Precise nanostructuration of surface and the subsequent upgrades in material properties is a strong outcome of ultra fast laser irradiations. Material characteristics can be designed on mesoscopic scales, carrying new optical properties. We demonstrate in this work, the possibility of achieving material modifications using ultra short pulses, via(More)
A strong influence of different pulse durations and double pulse delay times on the formation of periodic surface structures on polyimide were observed employing ultrashort laser pulses tailored on a sub-picosecond and picosecond time scale. Multi-photon, defect-related excitation mechanisms and thermal expansion of the polymer lattice correlated to a loss(More)
The recognition of DNA is the first and most important condition for biological applications, including transcription and translation regulators and DNA sensors. For this purpose, we have developed few systems where we were able to immobilize long double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) successfully to the surfaces of different solid substrates. To achieve this, we(More)
In femtosecond laser machining, spatial beam shaping can be achieved with wavefront modulators. The wavefront modulator displays a pre-calculated phase mask that modulates the laser wavefront to generate a target intensity distribution in the processing plane. Due to the non-perfect optical response of wavefront modulators, the experimental distribution may(More)
The origin of high-spatial-frequency laser-induced periodic surface structures (HSFL) driven by incident ultrafast laser fields, with their ability to achieve structure resolutions below λ/2, is often obscured by the overlap with regular ripples patterns at quasi-wavelength periodicities. We experimentally demonstrate here employing defined surface(More)
A variety of groups like a Fischer carbene complex, an N-hydroxysuccinimide or a ferrocene derivative have been grafted by ruthenium-catalyzed cross-metathesis reaction with terminal alkene groups on monolayer-protected gold clusters as a mild and convenient strategy to anchor functional molecules.
On définit la géotechnique comme l’étude l’interaction d’un sol et d’un construit, qu’il soit ouvrage d’art, bâtiment ou route. Le sol est un système qui défie l’étude en ce qu’il est majoritairement invisible et demande certaines approximations pour être appréhendé : on lui applique le résultats de sondages qu’on estime représentatifs. Le construit(More)
It has been shown recently by neutron and X-ray reflectivity that nanometer-sized multivalent counterions (Keggin salts) can assemble as a dense monomolecular sublayer beneath a charged Langmuir monolayer of opposite sign. We have conducted experiments that examine the surface pressure isotherms of docosamine surfactant monolayers under such conditions and(More)
Measuring and controlling the longitudinal phase space and the time-slice emittance of the electron bunch entering at 1.2 GeV in the undulator beam-lines, are crucial to obtain high FEL performances. In the FERMI@Elettra machine, two RF deflecting cavities have been installed at the end of the linac, in order to stretch the electron bunch horizontally and(More)