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Since the beginning of the SAIBA effort to unify key interfaces in the multi-modal behavior generation process, the Behavior Markup Language (BML) has both gained ground as an important component in many projects worldwide, and continues to undergo further refinement. This paper reports on the progress made in the last year in further developing BML. It(More)
14:45 MULTIMODALITY DURING CONVERSATION 14h45-15h15 Degrees of freedom of facial movements in face-to-face conversational speech Gérard Bailly, Frédéric Elisei, Pierre Badin & Christophe Savariaux 15h15-15h45 A coding scheme for the annotation of feedback, turn management and sequencing phenomena Introduction 'Multimodal Corpora' target the recording and(More)
In this paper, we propose a study of co-verbal gesture properties that could enhance the animation of an Embodied Conversational Agent and their communicative performances. This work is based on the analysis of gesture expressivity over time that we have study from a corpus of 2D animations. First results point out two types of modulations in gesture(More)
In this paper we describe our work toward the creation of affective multimodal virtual characters endowed with communicative and other socially significant capabilities. While much work in modern game AI has focused on issues such as path-finding and squad-level AI, more highly-detailed behaviour for small groups of interacting game characters has been(More)
To maintain the user's interest into a human-machine interaction using a virtual agent, we endowed this agent with communicative and interactive abilities, and allowed this agent to communicate socially and emotionally with the user. To this end, we present different models from giving an agent the ability to perceive its environment, to the ability display(More)
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