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Uphill motion of droplets on tilted and vertical grooved substrates induced by a wettability gradient
Abstract The spontaneous motion of droplets because of a gradient in surface energy presents many different potential applications (inkjet printers, pulsating heat pipes, etc.). Here, experimentsExpand
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Nanostructured thin films for solar selective absorbers and infrared selective emitters
Abstract Solar technologies require improved material performances or new materials functions, either to improve energy capture or to develop new conversion principles. This work presents a low costExpand
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Microbattery and method for producing a microbattery
Structure surface photonics refractory material and its production method.
The textured surface structure for photonic applications, capable of operating at elevated temperatures, comprises a substrate (4) into a first stable material thermally, and a set (8) ofExpand
Lithium microbattery and process for its manufacture
Disclosed is a lithium microbattery and its manufacturing method. The lithium microbattery is formed from a stack (10) on a substrate (11) having a solid electrolyte (15) disposed between a firstExpand
Nanostructured refractory thin films for solar applications
Selective solar absorbers are key elements of all solar thermal systems. Solar thermal panels and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems aim respectively at producing heat and electricity. In bothExpand
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Process for the realization of at least one micro component with a single mask
The microcomponent, such as a micro-battery, comprising a stack with at least two superimposed layers on a substrate is performed using a single mask (6) made of steel, adapted to expand under theExpand
Microfabrication process for patterning metallic lithium encapsulated electrodes
Abstract This work presents recent achievements concerning thin film encapsulation of metallic lithium negative electrode. In the context of this study, the encapsulation stack includes polymer andExpand
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