Nicolas Dombrowski

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We investigate the edge conductance of particles submitted to an Iwatsuka magnetic field, playing the role of a purely magnetic barrier. We also consider magnetic guides generated by generalized Iwatsuka potentials. In both cases we prove quantization of the edge conductance. Next, we consider magnetic perturbations of such magnetic barriers or guides, and(More)
Contributionà la théorie mathématique du transport quantique dans les systèmes de Hall Soutenue le 14 décembre 2009, devant le jury composé de germinettes : Coni et Amal ainsi que mon co-thèsard , co-locataire et compa-gnon de fortune comme d ' infortune Benoit. ` A un niveau plus personnel maintenant , je remercie la Famille. A commencer par mes parents et(More)
In this note we consider a Landau Hamiltonian perturbed by a random magnetic potential of Anderson type. For a given number of bands, we prove the existence of both strongly localized states at the edges of the spectrum and dynamical delocalization near the center of the bands in the sense that wave packets travel at least at a given minimum speed. We(More)
We study two-dimensional magnetic Schrödinger operators with a magnetic field that is equal to b > 0 for x > 0 and −b for x < 0. This magnetic Schrödinger operator exhibits a magnetic barrier at x = 0. The unperturbed system is invariant with respect to translations in the y-direction. As a result, the Schrödinger operator admits a direct integral(More)
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