Nicolas Devictor

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The first motivation of this work is to take into account model uncertainty in sensitivity analysis (SA). We present with some examples, a methodology to treat uncertainty due to a mutation of the studied model. Development of this methodology has highlighted an important problem, frequently encountered in SA: how to interpret sensitivity indices when(More)
A parametric sensitivity analysis is carried out on GASCON, a radiological impact software describing the radionuclides transfer to the man following a chronic gas release of a nuclear facility. An effective dose received by age group can thus be calculated according to a specific radionuclide and to the duration of the release. In this study, we are(More)
Dealing with uncertainties in PSA level 2 requires using a set of statistical techniques to assess input uncertainty, to propagate uncertainties in an efficient way, to characterize appropriately output uncertainty and to get information from computer code runs through an intelligent use of sensitivity analysis techniques. The purpose of this paper is to(More)
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