Nicolas Demazeau

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Freeze-dried plasma was developed by the US Army for the resuscitation of combat casualties during World War II. The French Military Blood Institute began producing French lyophilized plasma (FLYP) in 1949, in accordance with French blood product guidelines. Since 2010, a photochemical pathogen inactivation process has been implemented to reduce the(More)
BACKGROUND Modern warfare causes severe injuries, and despite rapid transportation to theater regional trauma centers, casualties frequently arrive coagulopathic and in shock. Massive hemorrhage management includes transfusion of red blood cells and plasma in a 1:1 ratio. Fresh frozen plasma requires thawing and badly fits the emergency criteria. Since(More)
BACKGROUND A high proportion of unipolar and bipolar type II patients can present a depressive mixed state (DMX). This state is defined by an association of a major depressive episode with at least two specific hypomanic symptoms. This state seems underdiagnosed and this could have treatment implications. THE AIMS OF OUR STUDY WERE (i) to investigate the(More)
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