Nicolas Dejeans

Marc Dieu1
Philippe Levêque1
Isabelle A. Leclercq1
Florence M. Sohet1
Giulio G. Muccioli1
1Marc Dieu
1Philippe Levêque
1Isabelle A. Leclercq
1Florence M. Sohet
1Giulio G. Muccioli
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  • Barbara D. Pachikian, Ahmed Essaghir, Jean-Baptiste Demoulin, Audrey M. Neyrinck, Emilie Catry, Fabienne C. De Backer +13 others
  • 2011
Patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are characterised by a decreased n-3/n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) ratio in hepatic phospholipids. The metabolic consequences of n-3 PUFA depletion in the liver are poorly understood. We have reproduced a drastic drop in n-3 PUFA among hepatic phospholipids by feeding C57Bl/6J mice for 3 months with an(More)
  • Raphaël Beck, Nicolas Dejeans, Christophe Glorieux, Mélanie Creton, Edouard Delaive, Marc Dieu +7 others
  • 2012
Hsp90 is an essential chaperone that is necessary for the folding, stability and activity of numerous proteins. In this study, we demonstrate that free radicals formed during oxidative stress conditions can cleave Hsp90. This cleavage occurs through a Fenton reaction which requires the presence of redox-active iron. As a result of the cleavage, we observed(More)
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